Our investment model

1-by-1, not a fund

Investing deal-by-deal

Instead of committing into a ‘blind pool’, our investors receive invitations to participate in individual private deals sponsored and led by industry professionals.

By directly co-investing into operating companies, our investors bypass layers of extra fees and avoid committed capital — taking more control and upside into their own hands.

Align with private equity partners

Our community backs operators and dealmakers from around the world.

Partner with the pros

Whether alongside an independent sponsor, a family office, or a megafund, we back transactions sourced and diligenced by a qualified lead. We believe in direct access to the buyside, and in leveraging the deep work they have done.

Benefit from transparency

No crystal ball can see the future. But you can see everything else.

Visibility into transactions

To make informed investment decisions, our investors receive access to full due diligence materials and memorandums to deeply understand each private company before they invest.

We don't invest inside a box

Our platform invests across geographies and sectors.

Unrestricted opportunists

From cleantech to pet retail, from manufacturing to geriatric healthcare — and everything in between. We have a diverse group of investors with a wide range of preferences.

We seek companies with proven business models led by sponsors who have significant investing or operating expertise. We do not participate in seed or early-stage venture deals.

Dig in deeply

Ask questions, get answers.

Dialogue and discussion

Our sponsors are professionals who are ready to hop on the phone anytime. Participate in direct or conference calls to review investments alongside your peers.

Or, ask any questions via the platform anonymously. Answers are shared for everyone's benefit.

Frequently asked questions

What is a co-investment?

A private equity co-investment is a direct investment into an operating company by an individual investor alongside a lead investor who often sources, structures, and performs the bulk of due diligence. Our lead investors are typically independent sponsors or funds with additional space in a particular transaction.

Who can invest in Nextvest transactions?

Nextvest is not crowdfunding. We operate under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933. Per SEC guidance, investors in our transactions must be ‘accredited’ at a minimum. We typically require our members to meet the SEC definition of ‘qualified client’ and additionally have a measure of experience with investing in private market transactions.

What is the membership fee?

There is no monthly membership fee on Nextvest. However, we value engagement and professionalism and membership may be revoked at any time.

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